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By car

How to drive to Sai Kung:

Driving from Hong Kong Island

  • Take the Eastern Tunnel

  • Stay on the left on exit of tunnel. Don’t get on the highway and go up to the roundabout. Take the next exit off the roundabout, down the side of the highway and then stay on the right when the road forks to go to the Tseung Kwan O tunnel

  • After the TKO tunnel, take the first big roundabout and turn left following signs to Hang Hau and Sai Kung

  • Follow the signs to Sai Kung thereafter, it remains straight forward and on a single road

Driving from the east

  • Follow the signs in the Lam Tin area towards Tseung Kwan O

  • Go through TKO tunnel for $3 and then follow the signs towards Sai Kung

Where to park in Sai Kung Town:

Sai Kung Garden (16 Chan Man Street)

  • Open 24 hours

  • Monday-Friday: $24 per hour

  • Weekends: $28 per hour

Sai Kung Town Center (22-40 Fuk Man Road & Chan Man Street)

  • Open 24 hours

  • Monday-Friday: $12 per 30 mins

  • Weekends: $14 per 30 mins

  • $110 for 24 hours

  • Height restriction: 2.05m

  • Includes car washing facilities

Urban Entertainment Centre (1A Chui Tong Road)

  • Open 24 hours

  • Free for the first 2 hours, $5 for each additional hour

Lakeside Garden (1 Chui Tong Road)

  • Open 24 hours

  • Monday-Friday: $11 per hour

  • Weekends: $13 per hour

  • $40 for 24 hours

Mei Fuk Street

  • Open 24 hours, cash only

  • Monday-Friday: $8 per hour

  • Weekends: $12 per hour

Kau Sai Chau Public Car Park (Wai Man Road)

  • Open 24 hours

  • Monday-Friday: $10 per hour

  • Weekends: $14 per hour

​How to get here

By minibus

Green Minibus

Source: Wikipedia

Minibus No. 1A: From Choi Hung MTR Station

  • Cost: $ 8.40

  • Duration: Approx 25 minutes

  • Frequency: 4 minutes

Minibus No. 1S: From Choi Hung MTR Station (passes HKUST)

  • Cost: $9.70

  • Daily 12:30am to 6am

  • Frequency: 10-15 minutes

Minibus No. 101M: From Hang Hau

  • Cost: $8.10

  • Duration: 20 minutes

  • Frequency: 3-30 minutes

Red Minibus

Source: Wikipedia

Editor’s tip: Red minibuses usually don’t leave until the bus is full so there may a wait during quiet hours

Mong Kok Express: From Mong Kok MTR Station

  • Cost $12

  • Duration: Approx 30-40 minutes

Causeway Bay Express

  • Cost: $22 for full journey, $16 to Hung Hom

  • Monday-Friday: 7pm to 12:30am

  • Weekends: 5pm to 12:30am

Minibus No. 9: From Kwun Tong

  • Daily 6:40am to 12:30am

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By bus

Source: Wikipedia

The Sai Kung bus terminus is on Fuk Man Road.

Bus No. 91: From Diamond Hill to Clearwater Bay Bus Station

  • Cost: $7.1

  • Duration: 48 minutes

  • Daily 6:20am to 11:15pm, every 17-20 minutes

Bus No. 91M: From Diamond Hill 299 to Po Lam 

  • Cost: $5.80

  • Duration: 58 minutes

  • Daily 5:40am to 11:45pm, every 15-20 minutes

Bus No. 92: From Diamond Hill Railroad Station

  • Cost: $6.50

  • Duration: Approx 45 minutes

  • Daily 6am to 11:45pm, every 15 to 20 minutes

Bus No. 92M : From Tiu Keng Leng

  • Passes through HKUST, Clear Water Bay and Tseung Kwan O

  • Cost: $6.90

  • Daily 5:45am to 22:25pm, every 20 minutes

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